3 Fundamentals of Network Marketing


RONNIE:  Hey guys! Welcome to another episode of Dream Builders Club.  My name is Ronnie Cruz and this is my co-host…

JASON:  Jason Ching.

RONNIE:  This is our first actual inaugural episode of of actually practical stuff here at Dream Builders Club. We want to talk about the foundational skills of Network Marketing. Right?

JASON:  Exactly.

RONNIE:  Now, Jason why are foundational skill so important?

JASON:  Well, you have to be able to have your foundation because you want to get your business started right.  With Network Marketing it’s all about belief.  You have to have belief in the company.  You have to have belief in the business as a business. If you don’t have belief in the business, you’re not going to get great results and you’ll probably end up quitting or looking for another opportunity or something to that effect. So we want to get you guys started right from the beginning right off the bat.

RONNIE:  Exactly, and what it takes is foundational skills. It’s like anything that we do.  One of the best analogies we have is professional sports.  If you want to be a professional athlete, if you want to excel in profession al sports, you have to have those kind of foundational skills.  Actually, anything you do, whether you want to be a physician, a surgeon, an astronaut, a physicist, a lawyer, you have to have foundational skills. especially in something like professional sports, say basketball. It’s a perfect illustration: if you don’t know how to dribble, if you don’t know how to pass the ball, if you don’t know how to shoot the ball, those are the foundational skills.  If you don’t know how to do those things, you’ll never be able to achieve and perform in the higher levels that sport. And so that’s what we’re trying to explain is that in Network Marketing we need those foundational skills.

JASON:  Exactly. You know, one of my favorite stories of Vince Lombardi — he’s a great football coach, one of the best, they’ve actually named the super bowl trophy after him — every season no matter what level he was teaching at, college or pros, he would always start the season day one practice the same way.  He would hold up a football and say, “this is a football”, because you need to get back to the fundamentals every single time.  Without the fundamentals, you’ll never succeed in this business.

RONNIE:  Exactly.  Now, Jason, what would you say are the fundamentals? In your experience in this profession, what would you say are the fundamentals of Network Marketing?

JASON:  Well, you can pretty much boil it down to basically three things: contact and inviting, presentation, and then collecting a decision. Now, we’re saying collecting a decision because we’re not trying to close someone.  It’s really you prospect’s decision whether they want to join this business or not so we’re just collecting that decision whatever that decision might be.

RONNIE:  That’s true.  A lot of times people are afraid to actually even ask for that decision so that fundamental is incredibly important. Of course we’re going to get into this. Actually, in the next three episodes we’re going to get deeper into these fundamentals, into contacting and inviting, presenting your opportunity, and collecting a decision. So, that’s actually going to wrap it up for this episode.  Until next time, guys, my name is Ronnie Cruz and this is my co-host…

JASON:  Jason Ching.

RONNIE:  We’ll catch you next time and we’re going to talk about the fundamentals here on Dream Builders Club.

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