35. How to select a Network Marketing Company PART 1

We’ve decided to dedicate this week’s Facebook LIVE sessions to the subject of How to Choose a Network Marketing Company.  Partly based on the the seminal book by industry legend Daren Falter and partly based on our own years of experience in this profession, we cover the top criteria that we feel at the marks of choosing a winning company.

However, after experiencing some technical difficulties the first episode in the series, number 35, didn’t upload to our Facebook page.  So here’s a quick summary of what Jason Ching covered in that LIVE session.

Criteria 1:  It’s not really a company criteria but more a criteria for you as a business builder.  You must have a realistic and proper reason and mindset for getting into a network marketing business in the first place.  Namely to make a PROFIT and the work it takes to build lasting income.

Acquiring and keeping lifelong customers and building a team of business builders are the keys to creating a sustainable longterm business.  And it’s the income that business generates that then becomes the vehicle to attaining those dreams and goals you set out to achieve.  So, you then must have realistic expectations of the work that goes into building such a business.

Criteria 2:  TIMING – All Network Marketing companies go through the various phases of growth.  The first thing to consider in timing if a company is a start up.  There’s a certain misleading appeal about being among the first to join a new company.  The allure of being “at the top” of the tree and thinking that this equates to success has hooked many a networker, myself included.  And it’s not to say that all start ups fail.  But there’s certainly is a higher degree of risk that a company will go out of business if it’s still in the first few years of operations.

So, when is that best time to join a company?  During what’s known as the Momentum Phase.  Typically, momentum phase can be identified as a period of massive growth in a company.  After this phase the growth levels off and the company goes into stability phase which is where most companies stay for the rest of their lifespans.  While we acknowledge that you can build a big business in the stability phase of any company, there are definitely certain advantages if you catch a company in it’s momentum.

Also, too you can create your own momentum phase within your team.  This perhaps is more important because catching a network marketing company in momentum phase can be difficult.  One can end up searching and searching forever just to find one.  If you find a company you like that’s in stability phase, perhaps then make efforts to find a team that’s in momentum.

In the next LIVE session, Lady Bernal will cover the very important criteria of what your network marketing company sells.  So make sure to stay tuned!

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