38. You’re attacking your prospects’ beliefs!

Network Marketing. We love our products. We love the service we provide. We’re so passionate about the opportunity to to engage in a business that will provide us the financial freedom we’ve always dreamed of. Everything else seems crazy doesn’t it? Even downright stupid?

All right, that might seem a tad excessive. After all, there are plenty of other equally good products or services out there, and other options to create income and financial stability outside of gainful employment. To the outside though, all those prospects (and potential prospects) we approach about our network marketing products or services and the business opportunity attached to them, this is exactly how we sound –– at best obsessed, at worst rude and unreasonable.

In this Facebook LIVE session, Ronnie sheds light on the line we so often cross when talking to people our network marketing businesses.

Build Your Dreams

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87 Replies to “38. You’re attacking your prospects’ beliefs!”

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