About Us

Dream Builders Club’s mission

At Dream Builders Club we are dedicated to helping you build the life of your dreams through the power of Network Marketing, also known as Multi Level Marketing (MLM for short).  Our goal is to provide you with the first rate training you need to excel in this amazing profession.  We want to empower you with the skills you need to achieve whatever level of success you wish in your business.  Our hope at Dream Builders Club is that the trainings and tools we provide will help you reach your full potential so that you can become the person you were meant to be to create the life you were meant to have.  Finally, we want to instill in you the confidence and belief that you are worth it, that you deserve the life you’ve always dreamed of.  So let us help you BUILD YOUR DREAMS.

Ronnie Cruz

10644143_10204703831061536_3271291255062012543_oWith humbled beginnings as a movie theater usher in North Carolina, Ronnie fell in love with Network Marketing the very first time he saw the circles being drawn.  Two companies and seven years later, he finally started to gain some traction in his business and it didn’t take long for things really accelerate for him.  He has since become one of the top earners in his company and an industry leader sought after to speak and train in front of large audiences all over the country.  Most notably he was invited to speak at the Network Marketing Mastermind Event, the preeminent non-company specific training event for the Network Marketing profession.  Ronnie continues to coach and mentor the ever growing number of five and six figure income earners in his organization with many on the way to seven figures and beyond.

From minimum wage employee who couldn’t afford to fill up his small beat up Ford Escort with gas to million dollar earner network marketing professional who’s retired not only both his parents but his younger sister as well, Ronnie’s story continues to inspire networkers the world over.  “If there’s one thing I know,” Ronnie say, “it’s that if I can do it, YOU can do it too.”

Jason Ching

Jason and Lisa As young entrepreneurs, Jason and his wife Lisa have gone through all the struggles and tribulations as traditional business owners. From brick and mortar to web and home based businesses, this couple has experienced it all. In June of 2010, they were introduced to network marketing but as their family grew, time flew by and it wasn’t until June 2012 did they take the opportunity seriously. By November 2012, in just five short months, Jason and Lisa became Yoli’s first Diamond Executives in the State of Hawaii. In January 2013, Jason walked away from his IT consulting firm that he had been building for over eleven years and committed himself to transforming lives by being a leader in Yoli. “It was one of the best decisions we’ve ever made. Not only are we working on our financial freedom but we are also buying our time back with our children.

From 80 to 90-hour work weeks to traveling around the world with our family, life has never been better. We only live once and we have to make every minute count.” says Jason.  Jason and Lisa’s leadership philosophy is simple: BELIEVE.  We are committed and we understand challenges. We lead by example as action speaks louder than words. We are here to motivate and show you the way.  All we ask is that you believe in yourself because we believe in you. “Everyone can rise above their circumstances and achieve success if they are dedicated to and are passionate about what they do.”