Remembering Freedom and Independence

shutterstock_185480363 copyOn this day in 1776 thirteen British Colonies came together to declare their independence and become the thirteen united States of America.  And every year hence we celebrate the freedoms that Declaration has given us here as citizens of this nation.  Over the ages that freedom has come to mean many things to many people.

Here at Dream Builders Club, we are incredibly thankful to live in a nation that allows us to freely pursue our dreams and aspirations.  Even more so, we are grateful that we’ve been shown a business model through which we can earn the freedom to experience everything that this amazing life has to offer.

In our humblest of opinions, Network Marketing is the everyday American’s best shot at financial freedom.  Regardless of age, race, religion, education, gender identity, or any other label or demographic one might get filed into, literally anyone can achieve financial freedom through Network Marketing.

And that’s where it gets fun.

Look at it this way.  The average American spends 40 to 50 hours (some much more) per week working for a paycheck or a salary.  Obviously, they do this to meet their families’ basic needs and hopefully have some extra to enjoy the time they have outside of work.  Unfortunately however, this often far from the reality for many who instead spend exceedingly more time at their jobs only to barely scrape by each month to pay their bills.

Now, what if we remove the need to report to a job for 50 or more hours a weeks?  What if there was a way to have all your financial obligations met without having to sacrifice the majority of your waking hours to do it?  That’s what Network Marketing can do for people.  That’s its power.

Through Network Marketing, you can build a passive income that can not only supplement your current income but supplant it.  It’s up to you how far and how high you want to take it.

And once that financial need is met, the magic really starts to happen.  Suddenly you have your 50 hours back to do with as you please.  Life’s possibilities then begin to open up in ways they never could before — traveling and seeing new places, taking up new hobbies and interests previously cast aside, spending more time with the ones you love doing things that you truly enjoy and making memories to last a lifetime.

That to me is freedom.  True, unencumbered FREEDOM.

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