No One Wins with One-upmanship

There is a prevalent and pervasive yet mostly unacknowledged phenomena happening in most cultures across the globe. ¬†It is the attitude that “mine is better/worse than yours”. ¬†We hear it at work, at home, it happens in nearly all conversations and it happens so regularly that we’ve not only gotten accustomed to it but we participate in it without even realizing. ¬† Continue reading “No One Wins with One-upmanship”

Create Structure to Create Consistency and Results in Network Marketing

Consistency can sometimes be elusive in the network marketing/direct sales profession. ¬†Taking on a “side business” with our already busy schedules, we often just do it only when we can squeeze it in, when it’s convenient. ¬†So creating a structure, a routine you can follow will help develop the consistency you need to create momentum in your business. ¬†And it’s that momentum that leads to results.

Continue reading “Create Structure to Create Consistency and Results in Network Marketing”

14. Vision and Perspective and where it’s taking you

It was a two for one special that day in that park! ¬†It was such a nice morning and such a beautiful view that we were inspired keep the Facebook LIVE session going. ¬†Here’s the replay of the short bonus session where we talk about perspective and vision and share with you exactly what we see.

Goals vs Habits PART 2: the Complete Picture

In this latest episode, we conclude this topic of Goals vs Habits bringing everything back full circle with the clarity that both Goals AND Habits are necessary in the equation of success. ¬†We explain the formula to attaining lofty goals by breaking them down into smaller more easily attainable action goals, because after all outcomes can’t be controlled but our own actions can. Continue reading “Goals vs Habits PART 2: the Complete Picture”

WHAT?! You’re Not Listening to or Reading ANY Network Marketing Training?!

We all know how critical personal development and education are to our success in Network Marketing. ¬†So there’s no need to explain why you should dedicate time every day to reading books and listening to audios that contribute to your personal growth. ¬†But what Ronnie shares in the latest episode on the Dream Builders Club Youtube channel¬†is a direct illustration of how our business results are a direct outcome of what you’re reading and listening to ‚Äď basically the programing you’re putting into your brain. Continue reading “WHAT?! You’re Not Listening to or Reading ANY Network Marketing Training?!”