The Importance of Attending Network Marketing Events

15035728052_8df187d75b_oThere are innumerable benefits to attending events and for any serious network marketer, we become aware of more and more of these benefits every event we attend.  So the first piece of advice I always give if someone asks why attending events is so important is “attend the event and you’ll see.”
Now of course the just come and see for yourself advice usually isn’t enough for most people especially those newer to our profession, so here are just a few reasons why I think (if you want to truly succeed in this business) you should never miss an event.

The first is that you’re surrounded by like-minded individuals, people with whom you have a shared experience, a commonality that may not exist in your day to day world.  We experience many trials building this business, set backs, frustrations, things that if gone unchecked can foster doubts as to whether this business “really works”.  Attending events and gathering with people we can relate to and with whom we can learn from give’s us the opportunity to recharge and recenter, to get back into alignment.  It’s like taking a long road trip.  Logging hundreds and hundreds of highways miles encountering all the pot holes and bumps along the way inevitably knock your steering out of alignment.  It’s important then after a trip to bring the car to the shop for re-alignment.  That essentially is what events do of us.  After getting beat up out there on the road, events help us get re-aligned and focused so we can continue on our journey in the right direction.
The next and perhaps the most obvious reason for attending events is the training you’ll be exposed to there.  Whether it’s from a top leader on stage or from one on one chats with our fellow members, events present us with a tremendous opportunity to learn from one another.  This allows us to refine our efforts, hone our skills so that once back in the field, we can get an even better return for our efforts.
Lastly, the most important thing that attending events does for people is BUILD THEIR BELIEF.  As I said, we get beat up when we’re in the trenches building this business.  On a day to day basis we face rejection, no shows, sometime even mocking, all of which can very well plant enough doubt in our minds that we stop building all together.  It’s at events that you can find reassurance to continue on, get a reminder that continuing on is still the right thing to do.  BELIEF will make or break your business.  The mechanics and how to’s are fairly simple and can be taught and learned in a relatively short amount of time.  What really differentiates those who achieve their goals in this business from those who do not is their level of belief.  And what better place to build that belief than a live event where you’ll be surrounded by real people who’ve had real results.
So if you’re questioning whether or not you should attend the next event, let me make the decision for you – GO TO THE EVENT.  Events have played an essential role of my growth and journey as a network marketing professional and undoubtedly I am where I am today because I never missed a single one.

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