Why Your WHY is SO Important in Network Marketing

shutterstock_217279756 copyI’ve heard some Network Marketing trainers say that your why won’t build your business. While this is true in the practical sense, your why is critical if you’re going to get through the trials and tribulations that we all inevitably face when building this business.  When we say “why” we’re not necesarily talking about the nice cars and large luxurious homes, extravagant dinners at expensive restaurants or vacations to all the worlds exotic locations.  Certainly these material things that this business can afford us are great, but what we’re after here is something that touches you on a much deeper level.

Now, there’s no way I can really tell you what you why is, not effectively anyway.  Everyone’s why is going to be different and it is something only you can know.  But what I can say about your why is that it must be so rooted in the pit of your heart and soul that no wind of adversity can blow away your desire to succeed in this business.  Your why has to be so strong and you have to have such a deep emotional connection to it that you can withstand the no-shows, the rejection, downlines dropping out, even ridicule — all the struggles inherent in building a Network Marketing business.  It has to be stronger in fact than your old habits of belief that have up until now been holding you back (what we call mental and emotional baggage).

So what is your WHY?  What drives you to continue building your Network Marketing business?  Share your why in the comments section below and let’s help give some ideas to those who may not have yet found their why.

And in the next post, we’ll dig deeper into what a Network Marketing WHY looks like.

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