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RONNIE:  Hi my name is Ronnie Curz and this my co-host Jason Ching, and welcome to Dream Builders Club. Now I know you guys probably have some questions about who we are and what the heck we are doing. So for the sake of time, I want you guys to visit our blog and go to the about us page.

JASON:  We will actually put a link up in the descriptions area of this video, and if you are on our website you can see the link in the transcription. The point of that is that we didn’t want to waste you time talking about us. We wanted to get into the nitty gritty of the practical things to help you build your network marketing business.
And one of the things that we really like to stress, between Ronnie and myself, we really like to stress that, you can live your dreams. Hence the name of this website. Through out the years from childhood all the way to adulthood, everybody has been put down so much that we’ve to lost the ability to dream. You know we tend to settle, and that is not what we are about in network marketing. We’re here to teach people how to dream again.

RONNIE:  Amen. Life is not about settling, life is about living it to the fullest. Writing that story that you have always dreamed of and that you have always imagined. And that is what we are here for in Dream Builders Club. With the power of network marketing and what this profession can do, both Jason and I have experienced it first hand and what we want to do here now and in future episodes is to help you guys realize your dreams. By giving you practical tools, practical training, practical things that you can use on a day to day basis to help you build your business, so that you can in fact realize that dream.

JASON:  And if watching this video, we know that you can do this, because there are so many different kinds of people who make it in this business form high school drop outs to business owners to multi millionaires doing this business. With that said we don’t want to waste to much of your time and we are going to get right down to this nitty gritty, so go and check out the next installment, episode and we will see you next time with another great tip and trick for building your dreams.

BOTH:  See you guys next time.


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