MLM Jumpers: Our Two Cents

Jumping from company to company, from one team to another is still a common practice today in the field of Network Marketing and Direct Sales (MLM).  This may stems from the belief that success resides in those external factors – upline leadership and support, better compensation plan, ground floor opportunity with a start up; there are a myriad of things people use to justify this jumper behavior.

(We acknowledge that there is a small faction of individuals who’ve made a career of gaming the system by jumping company to company, usually start-ups, and pillaging teams of their members… MLM bandits I like to call them. But that perhaps is the subject for another episode)

In this episode, Ronnie explains that jumping isn’t the cure to lack of results in your business and that it is more important to take responsibility of your own success.  If you’re chasing MLM success externally is a pot of gold you’ll never catch.  Important advice for an import topic.

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