Network Marketing Fireside Chat HUGE Success!

Well, sort of.  The powwow was a HUGE success for those who were on the cruise with us and lucky enough to fit in my suite.  As you could see from the previous post, that was no small stateroom.  Yet, the day of the Fireside Chat, we had to leave the front door as well as the sliding door open and people were overflowing out onto the balcony as well as the hallway.  There was easily over 50 heads in there all hungry and ready to take away any nugget that might help them move their Network Marketing business forward.

So it was hit.

The LIVE FEED however, left much to be desired.  This is my third cruise and while I recognize that internet is a luxury, I’ve never had as much problems with connection as we did on this trip.  Perhaps it was because we were on an upper floor.  Perhaps it was because we were at sea.  Who knows.

What we do know is despite the spotty connection, the intermittent audio, and the occasional frozen picture, the live broadcast was still highly viewed and well received.  So we’re presenting it here to you for your viewing pleasure.  Audio video quality aside, there’s still great content there that we’re certain will bring value to your Network Marketing Business.

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