Network Marketing Fundamental #2 – Presenting

Jason – Hi! Welcome back! Thank you for joining us again here on Dream Builders dot Club. I am Jason Ching from Honolulu, Hawaii and as always I have my co-host here…

Ronnie – Ronnie Cruz…

Jason – So today we’re going to dive into a little more of the second principle that we had talked about earlier.

The three principles were: Contacting and inviting, Presenting, and Collecting a decision.

So this is the Presenting portion of these videos. Ronnie, what is your key, or what do you think is the key to presenting?

Ronnie – Honestly, in my opinion the most important thing about presenting is DUPLICATION – whether or not the presentation as you guys have it, however you’re presenting your products, your services, or your business opportunity, whether or not it’s duplicable. What I’ve seen in the past, and I’m sure you’ve seen this as well, Jason… you have the one very polished presenter in the front of the room doing the presentation… and that has worked before, but I think for true duplication you’re going to want to have a presentation that everybody in your organization can do no matter how long they’ve been in network marketing.

Jason – Right. If you’ve been in the industry for a while you remember going into a ball room or a conference room there’ll be a whiteboard in the front and there’ll be one guy going to town on the white board. Those days are… I wouldn’t say gone, but it’s definitely changing.

Ronnie – Right. I think the pattern has become at least from my observation is that the little home parties now are really where the success is coming from in this industry and the fast growth is coming from because it’s more intimate, it’s more personal and it doesn’t take a master presenter to be able to show your opportunity, show your products. So, if you guys can find a way to present what you have in a simple home party kind of atmosphere, I think that’s the best way to go. And obviously a lot of the companies who have the videos or if your upline leader or even if yourself have put together a DVD or something like that to do the presenting for you, even better because that’s a tool can easily duplicate as opposed to the individual.

Jason – Sure. It’s basically leveling the playing field so everybody can do this business. Like we had said in the earlier topic, anyone can do this business. And with tools and with the right systems in place anyone can duplicate. And anyone can be successful in this business.

Ronnie – And that’s really the key: having the tools, the systems and keeping it simple. These are in our humble opinion the keys to a duplicable presentation that you can really really be successful with.

Jason – Now don’t get us wrong. There is always a time and place for the master presenter to get up and do his thing as draw on the boards and do the training… there’s still a huge place for that. If you’re out there and you’re still doing that, all power to you. We’re just saying, in our organizations and what we’ve seen working EXTREMELY well is duplication – how do we get everybody to be on a level playing field.

Ronnie – And really that’s the difference between training and presenting your business. The training is a whole other topic that we can definitely get into and we probably will in future episodes. But independent of that is these presentations. And again, it’s keeping it simple, keeping it systematized, and keeping it duplicable. Those are really are the things that I feel if you can lock those three things in then you’re golden.

Jason – That’s it. I mean it’s pretty simple – resenting your product, service or opportunity. Of course, counsel with your upline support, and if you’re not getting help, keep looking upline.

Thank you again for joining us. We will see you next time when we have another installment of…

Both – Dream Builders dot Club!

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