Network Marketing Fundamental #3 – Collecting a Decision

Ronnie – Hey, Folks! Ronnie Cruz here coming to you from Las Vegas with my co-host…

Jason – Jason Ching…

Ronnie – and welcome to another episode of Dream Builders dot Club. In our previous episodes we were talking about what we believe are the three fundamentals of Network Marketing: Contacting and Inviting, Presenting, and Collecting a Decision.

In this episode we are going to cover Collecting a Decision.

So, Jason, what would you say are the key things to collecting a decision?

Jason – I think what we really have to do is start with what not to do. Kind of the dark horse in the room. What you want to try to avoid is the hard sell, the manipulation tactics to get people to come in to the business. We’ve all been to those opportunity meetings where you feel so uncomfortable, like you can’t leave and they’re not letting you leave, basically kidnapping you until you sign the paper. You know, “sign on the dotting line, sign your life away, and then you can go”. And that’s one of the worst things you can do. There’s that saying that goes, “A man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still.” So that’s one of things that you just don’t want to do, those hard closes.

So, what do you do?

Really there’s only three things that… again three, power of three…

Ronnie – Magic number…

Jason – So there’s three things that they can actually do: 1)They can actually become a member. 2)They don’t want to do the business but they want to use the products and become a great customer of yours. 3)The third option is they can say not right now, I’m not ready for this.

And again, we say not right now. Even though they might be telling you “no”, the reason why we say “not right now” is because we’ve seen so many people who have completely just run for the hills… you know it’s like roaches scattering when you first turn the lights on, when you first turn the show them the opportunity… and a year and a half, two years later they come back and they become the top distributors and the top ranking members in the companies.

So, that’s pretty much it. It’s just those three things.

Ronnie – Exactly. And you know what’s funny is, speaking of someone who when they first saw it ran for the hills, our good friend Lennard Pan, when he first the opportunity with our company he completely flat out turned it down. He wanted nothing to do with it. And then some time later after he thought about it he came back in, took a look, and now he’s one of the top leaders in the company so it really goes to show you that there really is no such thing as a “no”. It’s just a “not yet”.

Now to segue, Lennard Pan has a saying and trains his team in regards to collecting a decision… what he tells them is to not get attached to the outcome. Really that’s the key of it because when you’re so attached to the outcome it really is about you making that “sale”, it’s about you closing that deal. And that’s not really what we’re all about in Network Marketing. This isn’t time share sales, you know what I mean? When you go into time shares sales you really feel like these guys are hard closing you every step of the way. In network marketing that’s not what we’re all about. We’re presenting them with the information, we’re presenting them our opportunity, our products and the benefits to them and it’s up to them whether or not they want to accept that.

I think we touched on that in a previous episode. it’s really about that difference between what your motive is and what your intention is. Obviously your motive is you want to succeed in this business, you want the time freedom, and you want to achieve your goals. But your intention in every situation, whether it’s prospecting or inviting or doing the presentation or collecting a decision especially, your intention should be just to help them. And if they choose not to accept that help, not to accept the solution to their problem, that’s their decision. You have to respect that.

There’s this wonderful wonderful quote from John David Mann that I love from his book The Zen of MLM years ago and I think it’s really one of the keys to elevating our profession in the eyes of the general public.

The Hippocratic Oath as you guys know is the oath that physicians and doctors take and it says “First, do no harm.” John David Mann goes on to say, bringing that into network marketing, and he says, “Your first priority in any encounter should be make sure to leave this person with a better impression of network marketing itself than when the conversation began.”

I think that’s really important because a lot of the times in the past, especially if you’re newer and you want to close and you want this person to get started with your opportunity, you really just kind of hard close them. And that’s why so many people have a bad taste in their mouth about network marketing.

So if we leave that open, if we leave that decision to them, they’re going to feel oaky with it, they’re not going to feel pressured and that will really do a lot to elevate the reputation of network marketing. If you guys are already a part of this profession, you know that it’s an amazing amazing thing and we want to protect the name and protect the reputation as much as we can.

Jason – Yes exactly. It’s funny you were just mentioning that… One of the things you have to realize is that network marketing isn’t for everyone. I was just coming back from Canada the other day and we passed a Mini Cooper dealership. And there was a big sign across the front that said “Mini. It’s not for everyone.” But it’s for those that really want it.

So it kind of hit me and I had a little chuckle because it’s kind of what we do. What we do is not for everyone, but everyone can do it if they really got the drive, their heart and the passion to really do something.

Ronnie – Exactly.

So to wrap things up from the last couple of episodes…

For contacting and inviting – you contact them, you call them and invite them… and again with that principle in mind of what the difference is between your intention and your motive… it always has to be about the individual every step of the way, the person that you’re talking to. You contact them, invite them to your presentation, you present it. It’s still about presenting them with the solution, not trying to get them into your deal. And once they see it just ask them, “Ok so, what would you like to do? Would you like to be a customer? Would you like to be a distributor? Or whether or not your’e interested or not.” And you have to respect that. I think the more we respect that, the more we will be respected when it boils down to it.

Jason – Right. Great insight.

So, with that being said, thank you for joining us in our first installment, our first sort of mini-course on Contacting and Inviting, Presenting, and Collecting a Decision. That’s your’e fundamentals.

We’ll see you here next time with more great tips and tricks for how to build you dreams…

Ronnie – Dot Club!

Jason – At Dream Builders dot Club!

Both – See you guys next time

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