What IS Network Marketing WHY

shutterstock_160906637 copyIn the last article, we discussed why your Network Marketing WHY is so important to your success in building your business.  In today’s post, let’s expand on that and talk about what exactly your WHY is.

Your WHY consists of two parts.  The first, are the things in your life you want to change.  Whether it’s a current condition that gives us discomfort and is a source of unhappiness and discontent or a past event or circumstance that you wholeheartedly wish never to repeat, people often turn to business opportunities like Network Marketing as the answer.  After all, didn’t we all join our opportunities in search of a solution, a fix perhaps to the issues we may have been facing?

The second part of the WHY is the vision, the dream that Network Marketing can bring us our ideal life.  It is the hope for something better, that Network Marketing can be the vehicle that will usher us towards our every goal and aspiration.

It is the combination of these two things — the things in your life you want to change and the vision of what you want your life to change into — that makes up your Network Marketing WHY.  And the real beauty of it is this WHY, this power source that compels you to push forward and build your business, eventually will be realized and in the end becomes you STORY.

Build Your Dreams

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