A New Direction For Dream Builders Club

Our online efforts are slowly getting more focused

Well not entirely.

We’re still here and our mission is still to provide you with content that will help you on your journey to Network Marketing success, to be a resource you can turn to to help you BUILD YOUR DREAMS. 

No. More accurately, we’re becoming more and more focused with our online footprint.  It’s been a step by step process, and certainly a learning curve given the fact that we’ve built our businesses through more traditional avenues offline.  But with the stuff we’ve been learning from other experts in this space, our online is getting clearer and clearer with each video, blog post, and Facebook Live session we do.

So here’s what’s new.

Our YouTube channel is still there and you can still find regular timely and pertinent content there.  Our aim is 3 times a week for posting new videos there.

In the meantime, we’re going to use our Facebook group as a platform for LIVE VIDEOS.  In these sessions, we’ll give you a quick tip and then leave time for a Q&A to address specific struggles you might be facing in your business.

And it all comes together HERE at the Dream Builders Club website.  This will be the central hub for all of it.  So any time there’s new content in any of those channels, you’ll be able to find it here.

So make sure to subscribe to the updates because there’s going to be river of material flowing through here to help you BUILD YOUR DREAMS.

Build Your Dreams

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