We had such good response from previous LEADERSHIP episode that we had to follow it up with a second Facebook LIVE session. Some great questions came in after the Real or Canned episode that we wanted to make sure to do a second episode so that we can bring even more clarity to the topic. So here’s the replay that gets down and dirty and into the nitty gritty of LEADERSHIP in NETWORK MARKETING.

29. Leadership: Is yours REAL or Canned

Leadership is a word that is bandied about quite a bit. But what does it really mean? And in what context does it fit into the realm of Network Marketing and Direct Sales? They’re are so many opinions on this topic that the meaning of leadership has become at best muddled and at worst lost.

In this Facebook LIVE episode, we try to get to the bottom what leadership is and why it’s of absolute importance in growing a network marketing business.

27. Money the all powerful trainer as seen from multiple angles

Entrepreneurial mindset depends largely on how we view money. Or more accurately, how we view how we acquire money for the things we need and beyond that the things we want? In this EYE OPENING Facebook LIVE session, Jason breaks down exactly how we think of money and the traps we sometimes fall into that can snuff out the hopes and possibilities of being an entrepreneur.

Signal got cut so here’s the second part of the LIVE session. Continue reading “27. Money the all powerful trainer as seen from multiple angles”

26. Don’t Build a Money Game

There you are, sitting with a prospect and drawing out circles like a family tree and explaining how much income you would have if you recruit and build said tree. This tactic goes back to first days of the Network Marketing profession. And though the last decade or so has seen a major shift in paradigm profession-wide, this income enticement strategy still pops up occasionally. So, to help protect the profession from regulatory lock down and future prospects and distributors from getting burned by false promises, this Facebook LIVE session covers the importance of NOT building with money games.

25. Winning the lottery and leaving it all on the feild!

Lottery mentality. The underdog story. The Cinderella story of a once in a million chance of having dreams come true. Is it real? Or is it just a story we tell ourselves to feel ok about not living the life of our dreams? So what’s it going to take? Jason discusses exactly that in this Facebook LIVE session. Enjoy the replay.

24. The #1 reason Network Marketing organizations fall apart…

It’s a topic we have to address every so often. It’s not an issue that I think the Network Marketing profession will ever be free of. It’s a people business after all and the more people we deal with, the more chance for conflict. So in this Facebook LIVE session, I share what in my experience has been the singular biggest cause of network marketing businesses falling apart.

Here’s the replay. It’s worth multiple views so make sure to archive it.

23. If you’re gonna talk the talk, you better walk the walk

What’s more important, talking a big game or showing up and playing big? Sometimes we can get caught up (even unconsciously) in trying to convince the world of our grand vision for this business, of the heights we’re going to achieve with our Network Marketing success that often the story we tell doesn’t line up with the reality that we live… or perhaps more succinctly doesn’t line up with the actions that we’re taking to achieve those lofty goals. So the question becomes, are you trying to convince with your words or are you trying to convince with your actions? AND who ultimately are you trying to convince anyway???