12. Capitalizing on ground-floor opportunities in Network Marketing

We’re in Hawaii!!! It’s one of those rare opportunities that Jason and I find ourselves together so we made sure to get a Facebook LIVE session in while we were hanging out and bring you guys more Network Marketing training.

Coming to you from beautiful Waikiki, we discuss what ground-floor opportunities and company launches mean to your success.  We hear about ground-floor opportunities and launches quite often in Network Marketing so it was time Jason and I addressed this topic and dispel all the myths and misconceptions that pervade.

11. Comfort zones and how to GROW them to success!

In this Facebook LIVE session, Jason follows up on Ronnie’s previous session on how he built a Network Marketing empire.  He discusses comfort zones and how to gradually broaden them.  Instead of trying to go from A to Z, it’s more realistic to focus getting to B first… then C… then D… and so on one little bite sized step at a time.

10. How I built a Network Marketing Empire

People are always looking for the secret, they’re always asking how I built my network marketing business.  This was the case with a new and budding team I recently visited in Vancouver.  And I’ve gotten this question so much over the years that I decided to answer it in this Facebook LIVE session.

Here’s the the replay where I explain how I built a Network Marketing empire recorded live at the Seattle airport right as I got off the plane!  Enjoy!

– Ronnie Cruz

How to Create an Online Funnel for your Network Marketing Business

If you’re wanting to create an online presence and use the internet as a tool to supplement your network marketing/direct sales business, then building an effective online funnel absolutely essential.  It’s impossible to effective market online without one.  If you’re doing stuff online but you don’t have a funnel in place, stop wasting your time and watch this video. Continue reading “How to Create an Online Funnel for your Network Marketing Business”

9. Mastering the head game – why some people succeed and some fail

In our years experience in the profession of Network Marketing/Direct Sales, we’ve learned that MINDSET is the secret sauce to success.  So mastering your mindset is primary predictor of where your business is and more importantly where it’s going.

In this Facebook LIVE session, Jason lays this all out as plainly as possible.  Watch the replay and learn why this is and what you need to do about it.

MLM Jumpers: Our Two Cents

Jumping from company to company, from one team to another is still a common practice today in the field of Network Marketing and Direct Sales (MLM).  This may stems from the belief that success resides in those external factors – upline leadership and support, better compensation plan, ground floor opportunity with a start up; there are a myriad of things people use to justify this jumper behavior.

(We acknowledge that there is a small faction of individuals who’ve made a career of gaming the system by jumping company to company, usually start-ups, and pillaging teams of their members… MLM bandits I like to call them. But that perhaps is the subject for another episode) Continue reading “MLM Jumpers: Our Two Cents”