Prospecting Tips: Part 2 – What to say to Prospects

In Part 1 of this series we explored the notion that it really doesn’t take much more than a bit of creative thinking to figure out where to meet new people and “grow your list”.  But what do we do once we’ve put ourselves in situations of potential interaction?

shutterstock_543182263 copyTypically what I’ve seen in the past and what I myself have been guilty of is a go for the jugular mindset when “prospecting” – pitching every stranger within reach on your products and business.  And of course without having developed any rapport, results are nothing short of abysmal.

Of course, we know that people won’t join your business or buy your products if there’s no relationship there.  One of the earliest tenets we’re taught in this business is that people will only sign up if they know you, like you, and trust you.  Yet, when I advice people to go out and meet more people (2 day as they say)without fail I’m thrown the question “How do I bring up [insert company name here], when I meet new people?”

And my answer is always, “You don’t.”

Sure some people are able to in the first interaction bring up their business or products in a non-threatening, non-creepy way.  But this skill usually is developed with much practice and honing.  Very rare are the individuals who come out of the gate with the natural talent of meeting a complete stranger and have them commit to seeing presentation on the spot.

No.  For most of us developing such skills takes time so I always advice at the beginning to not even think about bringing up your products or business and instead just get good at having a conversation and developing rapport.  In this online age especially there is a real risk of a decline of this skill in the population at large so we must make sure to start with the very basic fundamentals.

So what do I tell people when they ask me what to say when they’re out meeting new people?  Simple.  Start with perhaps the most efficient, effective, and eloquent of ice breakers – HI.


Keep on the lookout for Prospecting Tips: Part 3 – How to Develop Rapport

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