Success Treadmill Part 3: No Pain, No Gain


The analogies between running (working out) and Network Marketing are plentiful.  The last one we’re going to explore in this series is the need to push, to get out of your comfort zone in order to grow.

It’s fairly common knowledge that you must push your muscles in order for them to grow stronger.  So for me, when I’m keeping up with my workouts as I should, there’s always a degree of soreness present.  Not the “I can’t walk up the stairs” or “I can’t scratch my back” brand of soreness usually resulting after a LONG period of inactivity.  I’m talking more of the… well, discomfort.

If the discomfort isn’t there, then I know I didn’t push hard enough on my run or in my workout.  And when I’m not pushing hard enough, there’s no progress, there’s no growth.

Exactly the same in Network Marketing.

By and large our success in Network Marketing rests on our personal growth. There’s no way around it.  We must grow personally if we are to meet the demands of a growing organizations, especially if we want that organization to last.  So in that sense, we must always be willing to get out of our comfort zones because that’s where the growth happens.  If we’re comfortable, we’re not growing.  If we’re comfortable, our businesses aren’t growing.  It’s that simple.

So just like with working out, you have to push yourself, do the things you may not necessarily want to, the things that make you uncomfortable.  I guarantee that you’ll be the better for it.  And that’s the root of it – a better YOU is exactly what you need to have the Network Marketing business of your dreams.

Here’s a tip: When faced with the decision to do a thing or not, I ask myself whether it’s easier to NOT do the thing than to do it.  If the answer is YES, then chances are I probably need to go do that thing.

And that’s it for the treadmill and workout analogies of Network Marketing.  We’ll let this one go… for now.

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