16. Reality vs Perfect World Scenario

How one is presented a Network Marketing or Direct Sales opportunity and the notion it leaves in their mind is often entirely different from how it actually plays out in real world application.  In this Facebook LIVE session, Jason explains exactly that difference.

Create Structure to Create Consistency and Results in Network Marketing

Consistency can sometimes be elusive in the network marketing/direct sales profession.  Taking on a “side business” with our already busy schedules, we often just do it only when we can squeeze it in, when it’s convenient.  So creating a structure, a routine you can follow will help develop the consistency you need to create momentum in your business.  And it’s that momentum that leads to results.

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12. Capitalizing on ground-floor opportunities in Network Marketing

We’re in Hawaii!!! It’s one of those rare opportunities that Jason and I find ourselves together so we made sure to get a Facebook LIVE session in while we were hanging out and bring you guys more Network Marketing training.

Coming to you from beautiful Waikiki, we discuss what ground-floor opportunities and company launches mean to your success.  We hear about ground-floor opportunities and launches quite often in Network Marketing so it was time Jason and I addressed this topic and dispel all the myths and misconceptions that pervade.

11. Comfort zones and how to GROW them to success!

In this Facebook LIVE session, Jason follows up on Ronnie’s previous session on how he built a Network Marketing empire.  He discusses comfort zones and how to gradually broaden them.  Instead of trying to go from A to Z, it’s more realistic to focus getting to B first… then C… then D… and so on one little bite sized step at a time.

10. How I built a Network Marketing Empire

People are always looking for the secret, they’re always asking how I built my network marketing business.  This was the case with a new and budding team I recently visited in Vancouver.  And I’ve gotten this question so much over the years that I decided to answer it in this Facebook LIVE session.

Here’s the the replay where I explain how I built a Network Marketing empire recorded live at the Seattle airport right as I got off the plane!  Enjoy!

– Ronnie Cruz