12. Capitalizing on ground-floor opportunities in Network Marketing

We’re in Hawaii!!! It’s one of those rare opportunities that Jason and I find ourselves together so we made sure to get a Facebook LIVE session in while we were hanging out and bring you guys more Network Marketing training.

Coming to you from beautiful Waikiki, we discuss what ground-floor opportunities and company launches mean to your success.  We hear about ground-floor opportunities and launches quite often in Network Marketing so it was time Jason and I addressed this topic and dispel all the myths and misconceptions that pervade.

11. Comfort zones and how to GROW them to success!

In this Facebook LIVE session, Jason follows up on Ronnie’s previous session on how he built a Network Marketing empire.  He discusses comfort zones and how to gradually broaden them.  Instead of trying to go from A to Z, it’s more realistic to focus getting to B first… then C… then D… and so on one little bite sized step at a time.

10. How I built a Network Marketing Empire

People are always looking for the secret, they’re always asking how I built my network marketing business.  This was the case with a new and budding team I recently visited in Vancouver.  And I’ve gotten this question so much over the years that I decided to answer it in this Facebook LIVE session.

Here’s the the replay where I explain how I built a Network Marketing empire recorded live at the Seattle airport right as I got off the plane!  Enjoy!

– Ronnie Cruz

9. Mastering the head game – why some people succeed and some fail

In our years experience in the profession of Network Marketing/Direct Sales, we’ve learned that MINDSET is the secret sauce to success.  So mastering your mindset is primary predictor of where your business is and more importantly where it’s going.

In this Facebook LIVE session, Jason lays this all out as plainly as possible.  Watch the replay and learn why this is and what you need to do about it.

7. Direct Selling: How to get people to do the business

It’s an age old question.  And one that’s been dressed in many different outfits and worn many disguises.  “How do I get people to…”

Fill in the blank from there.  Whether it’s getting people to buy your Direct Selling products or getting them to do the business, getting existing team members to build or getting existing builders to build properly and follow the system… it’s all just different versions of the same question.  And so here is the answer that we at have for you on how to encourage people to join your business.

6. Posture – What is and how to develop it

Self confidence is an elusive mistress.  And when compounded with the desire to make the best impression that’ll yield results for your business, finding that backbone to confidently talk to people about your products or opportunity becomes incredibly daunting.

In this Facebook LIVE session, Jason discusses what exactly posture is and how you can develop it to benefit your Network Marketing/Direct Selling business.

Enjoy this replay and use the advice to help you build posture.

5. Do or do not. There is no try.

Continuing the through line topic of doing things that you’ve never done before despite not knowing if you can actually do it, Ronnie takes you a step further and explains how there’s actually NOTHING YOU CANNOT DO if you put your mind to it.  Deciding to finish the thing you set out to do and not letting anything (INCLUDING YOURSELF) get in the way… this is the cornerstone of achievement.

4. Getting a 100% sign up in your Network Marketing Business

The 100% sign-up ratio.  It’s an alluring tale that many a networker has spun, a tale that endures today.  We still see ads selling systems that guarantee not only an automated business but a 100% sign-up ratio.  In this Facebook LIVE session Jason dispels this myth and explains that people who tell you that they’re getting a 100% ratio aren’t really building a network marketing business.

Sit bank and enjoy this LIVE session.

1. Expectation vs Reality: Where Frustration Lives

The language you use, what you say and how you say it reveals your thoughts and the underlying mindsets you harbor.  In this Facebook LIVE session, Ronnie discusses what that language means and how it could be fostering in you a mindset that in the long term can destroy relationships.  Check out the replay below.

Jason and Ronnie Go LIVE on Facebook for a Network Marketing Q&A

On the Salt Lake City leg of a short tour they did this past December, Ronnie Cruz and Jason Ching hosted a Q&A for the local team, a format much favored by the pair for the flexibility and freedom to be able address specific questions and struggles an individual might be experiencing in their network marketing business.   Continue reading “Jason and Ronnie Go LIVE on Facebook for a Network Marketing Q&A”