22. The magical Unicorn and where we draw inspiration

In this Facebook LIVE session, Jason digs to help us figure out what it is that drive us. So often people look to outside sources for inspiration, external motivation but how much does that really help? How far can those external motivators really MOVE you? Are you building your dream or are you just chasing UNICORNS?

How to Create an Online Funnel for your Network Marketing Business

If you’re wanting to create an online presence and use the internet as a tool to supplement your network marketing/direct sales business, then building an effective online funnel absolutely essential.  It’s impossible to effective market online without one.  If you’re doing stuff online but you don’t have a funnel in place, stop wasting your time and watch this video. Continue reading “How to Create an Online Funnel for your Network Marketing Business”

9. Mastering the head game – why some people succeed and some fail

In our years experience in the profession of Network Marketing/Direct Sales, we’ve learned that MINDSET is the secret sauce to success.  So mastering your mindset is primary predictor of where your business is and more importantly where it’s going.

In this Facebook LIVE session, Jason lays this all out as plainly as possible.  Watch the replay and learn why this is and what you need to do about it.

Prospecting Tips: Part 2 – What to say to Prospects

In Part 1 of this series we explored the notion that it really doesn’t take much more than a bit of creative thinking to figure out where to meet new people and “grow your list”.  But what do we do once we’ve put ourselves in situations of potential interaction?

shutterstock_543182263 copyTypically what I’ve seen in the past and what I myself have been guilty of is a go for the jugular mindset when “prospecting” – pitching every stranger within reach on your products and business.  And of course without having developed any rapport, results are nothing short of abysmal. Continue reading “Prospecting Tips: Part 2 – What to say to Prospects”

Why You Need to go to Events

We’re back! After a short hiatus (company incentive trips and traveling to support our teams) we’re back with an important message from our good friend, business partner, and top Network Marketing leader Lennard Pan.  Though unaccustomed to being in front of the camera, Lenny nevertheless delivers a spot on message regarding the importance of events when growing your Network Marketing Business.  So enjoy this video from our dear friend Lennard Pan filmed in the beautiful state of Hawaii. Continue reading “Why You Need to go to Events”

Network Marketing Fundamental #3 – Collecting a Decision

Ronnie – Hey, Folks! Ronnie Cruz here coming to you from Las Vegas with my co-host…

Jason – Jason Ching…

Ronnie – and welcome to another episode of Dream Builders dot Club. In our previous episodes we were talking about what we believe are the three fundamentals of Network Marketing: Contacting and Inviting, Presenting, and Collecting a Decision.

In this episode we are going to cover Collecting a Decision.

So, Jason, what would you say are the key things to collecting a decision?

Continue reading “Network Marketing Fundamental #3 – Collecting a Decision”

Network Marketing Fundamental #2 – Presenting

Jason – Hi! Welcome back! Thank you for joining us again here on Dream Builders dot Club. I am Jason Ching from Honolulu, Hawaii and as always I have my co-host here…

Ronnie – Ronnie Cruz…

Jason – So today we’re going to dive into a little more of the second principle that we had talked about earlier.

The three principles were: Contacting and inviting, Presenting, and Collecting a decision.

So this is the Presenting portion of these videos. Ronnie, what is your key, or what do you think is the key to presenting? Continue reading “Network Marketing Fundamental #2 – Presenting”

Network Marketing Fundamental #1 – Contacting and Inviting


Jason – Hi and welcome to another edition of Dream Builders dot Club. I’m Jason Ching and I’m here with my co-host…
Ronnie – Ronnie Cruz…
Jason – …and today we’re going to dig deeper into Contacting and Inviting.  In our last episode we covered [what] the three fundamentals of building your Network Marketing Business [were] so in this episode, we’re actually going to dig really into deep into Contacting and Inviting.
This is going to be one of the most important and also the most difficult thing for most people in the industry.

Continue reading “Network Marketing Fundamental #1 – Contacting and Inviting”

3 Fundamentals of Network Marketing


RONNIE:  Hey guys! Welcome to another episode of Dream Builders Club.  My name is Ronnie Cruz and this is my co-host…

JASON:  Jason Ching.

RONNIE:  This is our first actual inaugural episode of of actually practical stuff here at Dream Builders Club. We want to talk about the foundational skills of Network Marketing. Right?

JASON:  Exactly.

RONNIE:  Now, Jason why are foundational skill so important? Continue reading “3 Fundamentals of Network Marketing”