Prospecting Tips: Part 1- Where to find Prospects for your Network Marketing Business

When it comes to getting the word out about your network marketing products and opportunity, I believe wholeheartedly that there’s no such thing as having talked to everyone you know and exhausting your “list”.  However, I also strongly believe in the need to continually growing that list and adding new people into your circle.  Our profession is called NETWORK Marketing after all.

Now if you’re anything like me, the idea of having to meet new people and make new friends is enough to trigger cold sweats and night terrors.  But it’s a reality I had to accept if I really wanted to succeed in this profession.  Was it difficult?  Sure.  But I wasn’t willing to let my weaknesses get in the way of my goals. And you know what?  Facing those fears has most definitely been worth it.

So, where to start?

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Remembering Freedom and Independence

shutterstock_185480363 copyOn this day in 1776 thirteen British Colonies came together to declare their independence and become the thirteen united States of America.  And every year hence we celebrate the freedoms that Declaration has given us here as citizens of this nation.  Over the ages that freedom has come to mean many things to many people.

Here at Dream Builders Club, we are incredibly thankful to live in a nation that allows us to freely pursue our dreams and aspirations.  Even more so, we are grateful that we’ve been shown a business model through which we can earn the freedom to experience everything that this amazing life has to offer. Continue reading “Remembering Freedom and Independence”

Why You Need to go to Events

We’re back! After a short hiatus (company incentive trips and traveling to support our teams) we’re back with an important message from our good friend, business partner, and top Network Marketing leader Lennard Pan.  Though unaccustomed to being in front of the camera, Lenny nevertheless delivers a spot on message regarding the importance of events when growing your Network Marketing Business.  So enjoy this video from our dear friend Lennard Pan filmed in the beautiful state of Hawaii. Continue reading “Why You Need to go to Events”

How to Become a Top Notch Closer in Network Marketing

Can you tell me how to get better at closing people?

If you haven’t been asked this yet, trust me, it’s coming.  Heck, it may even be something you’re currently struggling with.  Whatever the case, the seed of this query stems from the apparent lack results in one’s Network Marketing business —  namely, from the frustration one experiences when they can’t seem to get anyone to sign up in their business or buy their products or services.

Have no fear.  In this episode of Dream Builders Club, Jason explains what you can do to turn things around and become a top notch closer in your Network Marketing business. Continue reading “How to Become a Top Notch Closer in Network Marketing”

Network Marketers Attack People’s Core Beliefs

Does it absolutely baffle you when people don’t join your Network Marketing opportunity? And what about when they decide not to try your products or services?  Have people stopped answering your calls and or returning your texts, even your closest friends and family?  If these things are happening to you, chances are you’re committing a very common mistake in the Network Marketing profession. Continue reading “Network Marketers Attack People’s Core Beliefs”

Your Network Marketing Business is a Locomotive

Is your Network Marketing Business crawling?  Or worse, does it feel like it’s not moving at all?  Well have no fear.  In this episode of Dream Builders Club, Ronnie explains that very slow starts are natural part of building a successful network marketing business.  Plus he shares the key to how to break through and have your business moving like a locomotive! Continue reading “Your Network Marketing Business is a Locomotive”

The Secret Sauce to Network Marketing Success – a Conversation with Lady Bernal

Network Marketing expert and industry leader Lady Bernal sits down with us one more time and shares what she believes is the essential ingredient to Network Marketing success — RELATIONSHIPS.  In this video she breaks down exactly why relationships are such a crucial component of building a network marketing business. Continue reading “The Secret Sauce to Network Marketing Success – a Conversation with Lady Bernal”

Ronnie Cruz Delivers Powerful Network Marketing Talk at Company Conference

This past August, Ronnie Cruz delivered the most powerful talk of his Network Marketing career to date.  Though it was for his company’s annual conference, his talk touches on subjects that easily apply to any company within the Network Marketing profession.  In fact, the principles can be used for every facet of your life. Continue reading “Ronnie Cruz Delivers Powerful Network Marketing Talk at Company Conference”