WHAT?! You’re Not Listening to or Reading ANY Network Marketing Training?!

We all know how critical personal development and education are to our success in Network Marketing.  So there’s no need to explain why you should dedicate time every day to reading books and listening to audios that contribute to your personal growth.  But what Ronnie shares in the latest episode on the Dream Builders Club Youtube channel is a direct illustration of how our business results are a direct outcome of what you’re reading and listening to – basically the programing you’re putting into your brain. Continue reading “WHAT?! You’re Not Listening to or Reading ANY Network Marketing Training?!”

Online vs Offline: Is There a Right Way to Build Your Network Marketing Business?

The debate of building a Network Marketing business off line vs building online is as heated today as it was ten years ago. And it’s a topic that’s been on my mind lately. So in the interest of gaining perspective, I’d like to hear from all my Network Marketers out there building their businesses online. Continue reading “Online vs Offline: Is There a Right Way to Build Your Network Marketing Business?”

Network Marketing Fireside Chat HUGE Success!

Well, sort of.  The powwow was a HUGE success for those who were on the cruise with us and lucky enough to fit in my suite.  As you could see from the previous post, that was no small stateroom.  Yet, the day of the Fireside Chat, we had to leave the front door as well as the sliding door open and people were overflowing out onto the balcony as well as the hallway.  There was easily over 50 heads in there all hungry and ready to take away any nugget that might help them move their Network Marketing business forward.

So it was hit. Continue reading “Network Marketing Fireside Chat HUGE Success!”

Jason and Ronnie Go LIVE on Facebook for a Network Marketing Q&A

On the Salt Lake City leg of a short tour they did this past December, Ronnie Cruz and Jason Ching hosted a Q&A for the local team, a format much favored by the pair for the flexibility and freedom to be able address specific questions and struggles an individual might be experiencing in their network marketing business.   Continue reading “Jason and Ronnie Go LIVE on Facebook for a Network Marketing Q&A”

What to do when “Life Gets in the Way”

One of the most common excuses I hear from network marketers is the phrase “Life got in the way.”  It’s used so often that the meaning has become incredibly convoluted to the point that it’s everyone’s fallback reason why they didn’t do what they knew they were supposed to to build their business.  So in this video I decided to dissect this and really get down to what the oft used excuse really means. Continue reading “What to do when “Life Gets in the Way””

Prospecting Tips: Part 2 – What to say to Prospects

In Part 1 of this series we explored the notion that it really doesn’t take much more than a bit of creative thinking to figure out where to meet new people and “grow your list”.  But what do we do once we’ve put ourselves in situations of potential interaction?

shutterstock_543182263 copyTypically what I’ve seen in the past and what I myself have been guilty of is a go for the jugular mindset when “prospecting” – pitching every stranger within reach on your products and business.  And of course without having developed any rapport, results are nothing short of abysmal. Continue reading “Prospecting Tips: Part 2 – What to say to Prospects”