Are You Making Network Marketing Excuses?

“I don’t have enough time.”

“If I only had more time.”

“I ran out of people to talk to.”

“I can’t afford it.”

“If only I had more upline support.”

And on and on and on.  EXCUSES.

If you’ve spent any time building a Network Marketing business, you’ve undoubtedly heard these excuses and more.  Or perhaps you’ve even been guilty of using some of these excuses yourself. Continue reading “Are You Making Network Marketing Excuses?”

Your Biggest Barrier to Network Marketing Success

Road blockSo what’s really holding you back from Network Marketing success?  You’re attending every company event you can get to.  You’re sharing your products and services and your business opportunity consistently, meeting new people every day, doing home parties.  You’re devoting time to your education and investing in network marketing seminars and trainings.  And you’ve scheduled time out of your already busy and hectic schedule to devote to daily personal development.

So why aren’t you seeing results? Continue reading “Your Biggest Barrier to Network Marketing Success”

Network Marketing Fundamental #3 – Collecting a Decision

Ronnie – Hey, Folks! Ronnie Cruz here coming to you from Las Vegas with my co-host…

Jason – Jason Ching…

Ronnie – and welcome to another episode of Dream Builders dot Club. In our previous episodes we were talking about what we believe are the three fundamentals of Network Marketing: Contacting and Inviting, Presenting, and Collecting a Decision.

In this episode we are going to cover Collecting a Decision.

So, Jason, what would you say are the key things to collecting a decision?

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