18. Your perception is your reality and the story you tell yourself can change the world

Moved by a couple of inspiring videos on his social media feed, Ronnie delivers an impactful message in this Facebook LIVE session tying.  Tying the themes of perception and the stories we tell ourselves, he explains the importance of first seeing the glass of water for what it is and then choosing to for it to be half full and how doing so can and will change the world.

Enjoy the replay.

How to Break FREE from the Fear of Failure

The fear of failure has the ability and power to hold us back from doing the things we need to achieve success in Network Marketing.  So we must reframe how we think about failure and realize that since the only true failure is quitting, we have a much more active role in the process than we might let ourselves believe.  Failure then becomes an active choice and not something that just happens to us.   Continue reading “How to Break FREE from the Fear of Failure”

16. Reality vs Perfect World Scenario

How one is presented a Network Marketing or Direct Sales opportunity and the notion it leaves in their mind is often entirely different from how it actually plays out in real world application.  In this Facebook LIVE session, Jason explains exactly that difference.

Create Structure to Create Consistency and Results in Network Marketing

Consistency can sometimes be elusive in the network marketing/direct sales profession.  Taking on a “side business” with our already busy schedules, we often just do it only when we can squeeze it in, when it’s convenient.  So creating a structure, a routine you can follow will help develop the consistency you need to create momentum in your business.  And it’s that momentum that leads to results.

Continue reading “Create Structure to Create Consistency and Results in Network Marketing”