Network Marketing Fundamental #3 – Collecting a Decision

Ronnie – Hey, Folks! Ronnie Cruz here coming to you from Las Vegas with my co-host…

Jason – Jason Ching…

Ronnie – and welcome to another episode of Dream Builders dot Club. In our previous episodes we were talking about what we believe are the three fundamentals of Network Marketing: Contacting and Inviting, Presenting, and Collecting a Decision.

In this episode we are going to cover Collecting a Decision.

So, Jason, what would you say are the key things to collecting a decision?

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Network Marketing Fundamental #2 – Presenting

Jason – Hi! Welcome back! Thank you for joining us again here on Dream Builders dot Club. I am Jason Ching from Honolulu, Hawaii and as always I have my co-host here…

Ronnie – Ronnie Cruz…

Jason – So today we’re going to dive into a little more of the second principle that we had talked about earlier.

The three principles were: Contacting and inviting, Presenting, and Collecting a decision.

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Network Marketing Fundamental #1 – Contacting and Inviting


Jason – Hi and welcome to another edition of Dream Builders dot Club. I’m Jason Ching and I’m here with my co-host…
Ronnie – Ronnie Cruz…
Jason – …and today we’re going to dig deeper into Contacting and Inviting.  In our last episode we covered [what] the three fundamentals of building your Network Marketing Business [were] so in this episode, we’re actually going to dig really into deep into Contacting and Inviting.
This is going to be one of the most important and also the most difficult thing for most people in the industry.

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The Importance of Attending Network Marketing Events

15035728052_8df187d75b_oThere are innumerable benefits to attending events and for any serious network marketer, we become aware of more and more of these benefits every event we attend.  So the first piece of advice I always give if someone asks why attending events is so important is “attend the event and you’ll see.”
Now of course the just come and see for yourself advice usually isn’t enough for most people especially those newer to our profession, so here are just a few reasons why I think (if you want to truly succeed in this business) you should never miss an event.

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Success Treadmill Part 2: The Story Continues

In this second part of the Success Treadmill series, we dig deeper into the story to ask, “who are we really racing?”

Read Part 1 HERE.


[In the last post] we discussed running on a treadmill as a metaphor for achievement and success. And I spoke about the little game I play during my workouts at the gym, seeing how many people I can outlast on the treadmill. Continue reading “Success Treadmill Part 2: The Story Continues”