48. Network Marketing Success and Self Delusion

Taking honest stock of your Network Marketing business, it’s a critical exercise if you want to advance in the ranks and build financial freedom. It’s what Orrin Woodward in his best selling book Resolved calls the PDCA process – Plan, Do, Check, Adjust. Make a plan of action, execute, then review your results and adjust it so it’s more effective. It’s a foolproof way of improving your business over time by huge multiples.

However, because of self delusion people don’t apply this process to their network marketing business (and their lives) honestly and so they aren’t able to make any impactful change for the better.

In this Facebook LIVE session, Jason and Ronnie delve into this topic and really dissect the mind viruses the lead to self delusion and keep you from success in your nework marketing business.

47. Network Marketing Events – WHY go and HOW to maximize the experience

Early on in my Network Marketing career, I heard that LIVE EVENTS were non-negotiable. And often, people new to the profession want to buck this part of the system not necessarily understanding the value of these events and therefore not wanting to make the sacrifices necessary to get there.

In this Facebook LIVE session, Ronnie explains WHY you need to attend you network marketing company’s events and HOW to get the most out of the experience. Enjoy the replay.

46. Friday Viewer Special

Since Q&A’s is a favorite format for us here at Dream Builders, Jason decide to make this past Friday’s Facebook LIVE session all about YOU, the viewers. All week viewers sent in their Network Marketing questions and Jason chose a handful for this session.

Enjoy this replay and keep an eye out for the next network marketing Friday Viewer Special!

44. Leverage: the Network Marketing SECRET WEAPON

When getting started in Network Marketing, there’s always that handful of people whom for some reason or another we’re too afraid or intimidated to reach out to. Perhaps is social status or perceived level of success, age or experience. Whatever the reason, we wait and wait and put off calling these people about our products or opportunity and then grow more and more apprehensive every passing day.

In this Facebook LIVE session, Jason give us the SECRET WEAPON for fearlessly approaching these people without fear or hesitation. Watch this replay and score big in your network marketing business.

42. Programing your mind for Network Marketing Success

Continuing on the topic of belief, in this Facebook LIVE session Ronnie discusses the sheer power of your subconscious mind and how it is the engine that determines the results you get in your network marketing business and in LIFE. Ronnie then takes things a step further explaining exactly how you can actively program your subconscious mind so that you can achieve all your goals and dreams and ultimately NETWORK MARKETING SUCCESS.

Enjoy the replay.

41. Barriers to your Network Marketing Success

For thousands of years, it was widely believed that human beings could not run a mile in under four minutes. No matter how hard athletes trained they couldn’t seem to overcome that barrier. It wasn’t until Roger Bannister, who knew that the barrier wasn’t so much physical but more mental, that that barrier was broken.

Like the 4 minute mile, there are certain barriers you hold the keep you from succeeding with your network marketing business. And just like with the 4 minute mile, those barriers are not so much physical or circumstantial, but instead mental barriers, beliefs that keep you from achieving your goals.

In this Facebook LIVE session, Ronnie delves into this important subject — YOUR BELIEFS ON NETWORK MARKETING IS YOUR 4 MINUTE MILE.

40. Hunter mindset vs Bruce Lee

One of the most common mistakes we make in network marketing is how we communicate with people. Faced with the task of “prospecting”, we often fall into the mindset of needing to bring up our products or business opportunity every chance we get. Going into a conversation with this agenda then creates an unspoken dissonance which ultimately repels the people we’re talking to, the very ones we’re trying to get into our business.

In this Facebook LIVE session, Jason explains how instead of going into conversations like a hunter after its prey, we should instead do as Bruce Lee taught and let the conversations “be like the nature of water”. Watch this replay and see exactly how Bruce Lee’s teachings can help you in your network marketing efforts.

39. Spent list and burnt people… A Network Marketing dilemma

The biggest source of frustration and discouragement for a person in network marketing or direct sales is having no one to talk to. Whether it’s feeling like your list is dried out or whether you’ve left too many “burned” people in the wake of your mistakes, the lack of people to contact about your network marketing opportunity can feel like you’re living in a Greek tragedy.

In this Facebook LIVE session, Ronnie discusses exactly this and how you can get out of this funk and get some movement back in your business. Enjoy the reply.

38. You’re attacking your prospects’ beliefs!

Network Marketing. We love our products. We love the service we provide. We’re so passionate about the opportunity to to engage in a business that will provide us the financial freedom we’ve always dreamed of. Everything else seems crazy doesn’t it? Even downright stupid?

All right, that might seem a tad excessive. After all, there are plenty of other equally good products or services out there, and other options to create income and financial stability outside of gainful employment. To the outside though, all those prospects (and potential prospects) we approach about our network marketing products or services and the business opportunity attached to them, this is exactly how we sound –– at best obsessed, at worst rude and unreasonable.

In this Facebook LIVE session, Ronnie sheds light on the line we so often cross when talking to people our network marketing businesses.