36. How to Choose a Network Marketing Company PART 2

What are we selling? A pretty important question considering our profits and business are derived from the very products or services we sell. In this Facebook LIVE session, Lady Bernal discusses the criteria for choosing the best network marketing company for you based on what that company sells. Enjoy this very educational replay.

35. How to select a Network Marketing Company PART 1

We’ve decided to dedicate this week’s Facebook LIVE sessions to the subject of How to Choose a Network Marketing Company.  Partly based on the the seminal book by industry legend Daren Falter and partly based on our own years of experience in this profession, we cover the top criteria that we feel at the marks of choosing a winning company.

However, after experiencing some Continue reading “35. How to select a Network Marketing Company PART 1”

34. YES. We SELL in Direct SALES

The topic of selling is one we’ve covered in the past. You can reference back to the YouTube episode released about a month back discussing exactly this. In this Facebook LIVE session Jason and I decided to dig deeper into why we as Networkers have a habit of running away from things we’re uncomfortable with and also how we can change those very things we’re uncomfortable with – namely SELLING.

Enjoy the replay

33. How do I know this is the right Network Marketing company for me?

This question came up in one of the many sit downs Jason and I had while on my visit in Hawaii. It was asked by an individual who had tried their hand in a number of companies and garnering only nominal results. So doubts and apprehensions were the natural course of their thought process. However, with proper guidance and perspective we see that it’s not necessarily the company that predicts your success, but something all together entirely different.

How do you know you’re this is the right Network Marketing company for you? We answer exactly that in this Facebook LIVE session.


We had such good response from previous LEADERSHIP episode that we had to follow it up with a second Facebook LIVE session. Some great questions came in after the Real or Canned episode that we wanted to make sure to do a second episode so that we can bring even more clarity to the topic. So here’s the replay that gets down and dirty and into the nitty gritty of LEADERSHIP in NETWORK MARKETING.

29. Leadership: Is yours REAL or Canned

Leadership is a word that is bandied about quite a bit. But what does it really mean? And in what context does it fit into the realm of Network Marketing and Direct Sales? They’re are so many opinions on this topic that the meaning of leadership has become at best muddled and at worst lost.

In this Facebook LIVE episode, we try to get to the bottom what leadership is and why it’s of absolute importance in growing a network marketing business.