Prospecting Tips: Part 2 – What to say to Prospects

In Part 1 of this series we explored the notion that it really doesn’t take much more than a bit of creative thinking to figure out where to meet new people and “grow your list”.  But what do we do once we’ve put ourselves in situations of potential interaction?

shutterstock_543182263 copyTypically what I’ve seen in the past and what I myself have been guilty of is a go for the jugular mindset when “prospecting” – pitching every stranger within reach on your products and business.  And of course without having developed any rapport, results are nothing short of abysmal. Continue reading “Prospecting Tips: Part 2 – What to say to Prospects”

Prospecting Tips: Part 1- Where to find Prospects for your Network Marketing Business

When it comes to getting the word out about your network marketing products and opportunity, I believe wholeheartedly that there’s no such thing as having talked to everyone you know and exhausting your “list”.  However, I also strongly believe in the need to continually growing that list and adding new people into your circle.  Our profession is called NETWORK Marketing after all.

Now if you’re anything like me, the idea of having to meet new people and make new friends is enough to trigger cold sweats and night terrors.  But it’s a reality I had to accept if I really wanted to succeed in this profession.  Was it difficult?  Sure.  But I wasn’t willing to let my weaknesses get in the way of my goals. And you know what?  Facing those fears has most definitely been worth it.

So, where to start?

Continue reading “Prospecting Tips: Part 1- Where to find Prospects for your Network Marketing Business”