20. Celebrating our 20th Facebook LIVE Session!!!

It’s been one heck of a ride and quite the learning experience and it’s a proud moment for us that we’ve made it this far!  We weren’t really sure what to expect nor where it would lead but the fact that we’ve reached 20 LIVE sessions tells us a few things: 1) Even though we didn’t know whether or not we were capable of maintaining these sessions and whether we were going to be able to continue to provide on-going content and value, we jumped in anyway.  And now having reached 20 episodes, it’s given us more confidence that those original hesitations weren’t necessarily founded on anything but our own fears.  2) There remains and perhaps will always be a need for Network Marketing training.  That hunger to change one’s lot through the amazing profession of network marketing will always be there and as long as it is, we at Dream Builders will always do everything we can to share our perspective and help future generations of networkers build their dreams.

The format of this LIVE session was Q&A; that will always be the purpose of our fireside chats. The bonus in this particular episode is Continue reading “20. Celebrating our 20th Facebook LIVE Session!!!”

Network Marketing Fireside Chat HUGE Success!

Well, sort of.  The powwow was a HUGE success for those who were on the cruise with us and lucky enough to fit in my suite.  As you could see from the previous post, that was no small stateroom.  Yet, the day of the Fireside Chat, we had to leave the front door as well as the sliding door open and people were overflowing out onto the balcony as well as the hallway.  There was easily over 50 heads in there all hungry and ready to take away any nugget that might help them move their Network Marketing business forward.

So it was hit. Continue reading “Network Marketing Fireside Chat HUGE Success!”

Jason and Ronnie Go LIVE on Facebook for a Network Marketing Q&A

On the Salt Lake City leg of a short tour they did this past December, Ronnie Cruz and Jason Ching hosted a Q&A for the local team, a format much favored by the pair for the flexibility and freedom to be able address specific questions and struggles an individual might be experiencing in their network marketing business.   Continue reading “Jason and Ronnie Go LIVE on Facebook for a Network Marketing Q&A”