What to do when “Life Gets in the Way”

One of the most common excuses I hear from network marketers is the phrase “Life got in the way.”  It’s used so often that the meaning has become incredibly convoluted to the point that it’s everyone’s fallback reason why they didn’t do what they knew they were supposed to to build their business.  So in this video I decided to dissect this and really get down to what the oft used excuse really means. Continue reading “What to do when “Life Gets in the Way””

Network Marketers, Beware the False Prophet

Having a hard time discerning what network marketing training to follow and which network marketing leader to listen to?  In a world where everyone is vying for your eyes and ears (and your dollars), it’s become increasingly difficult to discern what’s best for your business.  So, here’s Ronnie’s take on “leaders” who claim to have the one “right” way. Continue reading “Network Marketers, Beware the False Prophet”