#TBT: Video from Ronnie’s 2008 MLM Road Tour – Your Journey to Success

We dug through the archives and found some great material from Ronnie’s old MLM Road Tour series in 2008 and then again in 2010.  Here’s one from 2008 where Ronnie talks about your journey to MLM success.


RONNIE: Hey, folks.  Ronnie Cruz here coming to you from… the car! We are on highway 85 North on the first leg of our North American MLM Road Tour.  We’re headed up to Boston to do a couple of presentations and trainings there and then cutting over to Otawa Canada to get a team started there in Canada. So yea! I love taking road trips. Some people were asking well why don’t I just fly? You know I had some extra time. I wanted to take this road trip. I like seeing the land, get a chance to see the landscape and the scenery and the terrain and what not. I like having this vantage point when I’m taking trips. 

I wanted to shoot this quick video because it reminded me of something. This road trip is kind of a fitting metaphor to our business here in what we do in MLM.  You see, success is not measured in how many signups you get, it’s not measured by any kind of pin level you might achieve or any check or amount of money you might be earning.  True success in MLM is who you become and how much you grown the journey. It’s about the journey, it’s not about the destination. What got me thinking that is that when we get to Boston it’s not about how many people we sign up. When we get to Canada it’s not about how many new distributors we get started there. It’s about who we become and how much we grow because of taking this trip…

Um, and the lane is about to close so gimme just a second…

But that’s where the real success lies.  To be able to grow and progress and start becoming the leader that you’re meant to be, then the success will come.  That’s where the true success is…

Uh, and this guy is gonna cut me off coz he’s such a nice guy…

So yea, I just wanted to shoot this quick video for you guys.  I should pay more attention to the road…  Traffic pattern is changing…  But yea, we’re gonna be shooting a lot more videos here on this MLM North American Road Tour we’re taking. It’s gonna be a good time so definitely stay tuned.

Until next time folks, take care and good luck!



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