YES! We Sell

There’s no denying that there’s a certain stigma attached to Network Marketing and Direct Sales. And through the years networkers have typically dealt with this by attempting to disassociate themselves from certain names and words. But as we discuss in this episode, that’s not an all together effective strategy. Continue reading “YES! We Sell”

How to Break FREE from the Fear of Failure

The fear of failure has the ability and power to hold us back from doing the things we need to achieve success in Network Marketing.  So we must reframe how we think about failure and realize that since the only true failure is quitting, we have a much more active role in the process than we might let ourselves believe.  Failure then becomes an active choice and not something that just happens to us.   Continue reading “How to Break FREE from the Fear of Failure”

How to Create an Online Funnel for your Network Marketing Business

If you’re wanting to create an online presence and use the internet as a tool to supplement your network marketing/direct sales business, then building an effective online funnel absolutely essential.  It’s impossible to effective market online without one.  If you’re doing stuff online but you don’t have a funnel in place, stop wasting your time and watch this video. Continue reading “How to Create an Online Funnel for your Network Marketing Business”

MLM Jumpers: Our Two Cents

Jumping from company to company, from one team to another is still a common practice today in the field of Network Marketing and Direct Sales (MLM).  This may stems from the belief that success resides in those external factors – upline leadership and support, better compensation plan, ground floor opportunity with a start up; there are a myriad of things people use to justify this jumper behavior.

(We acknowledge that there is a small faction of individuals who’ve made a career of gaming the system by jumping company to company, usually start-ups, and pillaging teams of their members… MLM bandits I like to call them. But that perhaps is the subject for another episode) Continue reading “MLM Jumpers: Our Two Cents”

Is your online content providing VALUE or providing OPINION?

In this “age of information”, social media is king and whether that information is accurate (or even true) has little bearing on it reaching wide audiences the world over. Because of this, we must be incredibly mindful of what we’re posting in the social feeds because it could have wide reaching effects on your business.  So always be wary before you click the publish button: Is your content providing VALUE or is it providing OPINION? Continue reading “Is your online content providing VALUE or providing OPINION?”

Building multiple Network Marketing Business at the same time

Continuing the topic of managing time, in this video we discuss taking on multiple tasks — building multiple Network Marketing businesses at once and taking on other projects/businesses outside of your Network Marketing business. You might think you can do it all, but this video will teach you that it may be an entirely different story. Continue reading “Building multiple Network Marketing Business at the same time”